Friday, 10 September 2010


So not one owlette was finished yesterday but I did make a start on the props for the new Spring window.
Really this window has had me flummoxed for over a year or rather the flower pompoms have been doing my head. It's not that it's going to be some fantasy extravaganza, it's just I wanted the damn 'flowers' to look a particular way and  I just couldn't get them right. It's one of my problems, I get frustrated when my concept-to-fruition isn't just so.
The shop was a bit of a sheltered workshop yesterday. It was quite funny, everyone had a case of Spring Lethargy, a bit dozy and slow, amazing what a bit of warmish feel in the air can do. I met lovely weekday people (as against weekend people I usually meet) and had wonderful chats.
I'm off to the studio for the first time in about a month today..... if I can break free from the house/shop.... I am looking forward to Sunday like you wouldn't believe. 

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