Monday, 27 September 2010

bye bye birdie bye bye

Two little budgies have flown the coop today, well, actually, they are waiting to be picked up but they definitely have a new owner. There's one little lonely chap sitting in the Abel and Mabel Duck's cabinet but there are a couple more winging their way to us later in the week.
I spent hours on the computer this morning answering emails and organising stuff and I spent this afternoon sourcing fabrics and running around. We've got a lot about to happen at the Cottage and I am feeling a bit zingy with it all. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. I'm thinking about Xmas and how much work needs doing and I am blown away by the reception some of the new stock has received in the past week. I am going to need to move everything around in the shop to make room for our fabulous new stuff, I have a few weeks to get my head around that. I must pencil in a Sunday/Monday to do a little spring-clean of shop, patch some holes, paint some smudges, move some stuff around.
Tomorrow is a studio day- yay!

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