Saturday, 18 September 2010

far horizons

Not much to report on today.
Apart from Jethro having his crazy pants on this morning, he is currently shoulder deep in a pot of water in the shower 'fishing' and he spent this morning trying to 'kill' his scratching post by hanging upside down off it and bunny-kicking it. Last Saturday morning the first three lots of people through the door had all come to see Jethro- sometimes I feel like I'm his damn PA.
The photo above was taken at Cradle Mountain two weeks ago. I see on the news they've had a big dump of snow, I wish I was there in front of a fire, with the hush of snow falling, reading a good book and napping. There is nothing like being rugged up and feeling the icy mountain air on your cheeks.
See, I wasn't lying when I said 'not much to report on today'!

Tally for this week.
*New patterns and samples made in the studio :-
1x blouse
1x pants
1x hat
1x dress
*Teeth filled:-
*Wheatbags made:-
*Cups of tea drunk:-
218 (exaggerated slightly)
*Hot chocolate drunk:-
*Vintage Welsh blankets bought:-
*Friends eloped:-

Average week really.

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