Wednesday, 22 September 2010

black frida

School holidays can be deathly boring in retail. 
I managed to get more felt necklaces made and organise some stuff but the highlight has to be the arrival of the Box. I am such a mail junkie, I love things that come via the mail man or a courier, not bills of course. I love postcards and letters but I especially love parcels and things that come in boxes. Yesterday it was a box of goodies from Zara.
More beautiful Guatemalan dresses and blouses and new, new, new Frida dresses in black. All those people waiting for photos- I promise I'll send them through tonight! The dresses are all long but very easy to take up. The blouses are fabulous and we have more in cream-on-cream and white-on-white. And we have a Frida blouse too, one lone one at the moment but there are more on the way. I'm trying to decide which ones I want to keep for me........


  1. I'm LOVING the black Frida.
    But would it suit a short person ...with boobage??

  2. Celebrating all things Frida!
    Ooh I love the black but then again maybe cream,
    foxy / Mr.Men?

    Hope all is good with you Pen?

    Sarah x

  3. ah ha and now I have a black frida dress of my own... AT LAST!!
    now just waiting for the next shipment of blouses to make my summer wardrobe complete
    shop looks beautiful miss p
    as do you

  4. I love these so much but sadly I look appalling in them! This inspired me to pull out my frida diaries today which was lovely - RB xx


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