Thursday, 16 September 2010

it's thursday again

Thursday's come around again and I'm filling in as shopgirl.
I've managed to get a few new samples done over the last couple of days- a sun bonnet, a loose reversible shirt and a pair of pants. The patterns now all need to be transferred to pattern kraft and graded, I need to cut the first run out and I need to get treadling on the machine. 
I slept like the dead last night, my head must have hit the pillow and I switched off. I managed to wake before small-and-furry-not-a-rat, who normally likes to sit on the bedside table and slowly rock to make the old boards it is made from creak to wake me up. Having a bowl of macadamia and cranberry muesli before bed seems to be a good soporific....
I'd had vague plans to run errands this morning but I have rather enjoyed not doing very much, just the basics like the vacuuming, tea drinking and getting the paper. I'll probably decide at 10.45 I 'must' race out to do something and then get held up and rush to get back to open the shop and feel all out of sorts. Or I could just put the kettle on and have another cuppa.....



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