Thursday, 23 September 2010

some days are glitter days

I pulled out my silver glitter converse this morning. They've been sitting in the bottom of the shoe basket for the last year. I have left trails of glitter through the shop. I suppose I could spray them with hairspray (if I had some) to set the glitter but I like the Hansel-and-Gretel-breadcrumbs of glitter I leave. It's amused me know end as I worked in the shop today. 
It was a nice day at the Cottage today. Lots of catching up with friends, old and new, lots of trying on of clothes and admiring of the embroidered dresses. If you are thinking about coming in to try/buy a Mexican dresses you better hurry! After 24 hours there is only one black Frida left! Don't fret though there will be more, they are a couple of weeks away though and I suggest you pop your name down if you are interested in one and we'll call you as soon as they come in. There are some lovely cream ones left though so don't panic!
The new indigo print Lettie dress has also hustled out the door. It's extremely gratifying when people get excited about stock and it's really lovely when completely different customers choose the same item and wear it with such aplomb!  
Tomorrow, after another trip to the dentist, I'm off to the studio to get some work sorted. There's lots to do!

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  1. pen, i bought myself a pair of silver converse for my birthday this year - you and i could be the twins of gertie st! x


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