Wednesday, 29 September 2010

zip it up sister

I have so many different things to work on at the moment that I am having trouble settling to one job. After going out  this morning tea towel and doily hunting I got back to the studio and thought my head would explode from choice.
How ridiculous is that?
'What shall I work on today? Arrrrgggggghhhhhh! I can't decide! '
So before I went foetal or postal I decided on some 'no brainer' jobs, the type of things I can just sink into doing, boring but satisfying when done. Pretty new laminated zip purses and we needed some more wheatbags (this cold weather has shocked people's systems).
I have so many things to do I am getting quite hysterical! Tomorrow I'm shopgirl again so I must dig out some work to do, busy hands and all that.

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