Thursday, 16 September 2010

run like you stole something

I had to laugh.
Here at the Cottage we have had barely any theft, perhaps we just don't carry stock that people want to steal.
Not today though. 
There was a mother and daughter in this morning and I have to admit I felt something was a bit off-kilter about them. The daughter aged in her late 20s -early 30s kept making comments about things as she wandered around and I had to control myself from feeling really annoyed with her. There was nothing exactly 'wrong' about them, just something not quite 'right'. The mother stood down the end of the big table and just hovered and it wasn't until they left that I realised that she had slipped something in her bag.

And this is where I have to marvel and laugh.

Shoplifted today- 1 x hot water bottle shaped wheat bag. 
She'll need its healing powers after lugging a kilogram of stolen wheat around all day.


  1. Goodness me! How very rude. I used to work in jewellery stores and there were some really ingenious ways that people stole things. Wonder what a wheat bag is worth on the black market? :)

  2. hi,
    i just read your post about your mother's singer sewing machine and was wondering about 'nick'. i have my grandmother's singer sewing machine, with knee thingy. whilst i don't really need another sewing machine i would love it to be working rather than languishing under my sewing table and if it sewed nicely i would probaly use it.
    so can you tell me nick's contact details?

  3. Pen - that's awful. What horrible cows. I hope the karma bus hits them.


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