Monday, 6 September 2010

early morning

The problem about catching the ferry to Devonport is the ridiculous hour it arrives.
The great thing about catching the ferry is the ridiculous hour it arrives.
Of course nothing in Devonport is open at this hour (except for Macca's sadly) so I tend to head down to Mersey Bluff to watch the sun rise. It's not the prettiest beach or the most rugged but I rather like it. The piles of sand washed rocks in amongst the black granite slabs are wonderful. I'm not sure if they have been dumped there naturally or purposefully to stop erosion but they are nicely and smoothly tumbled and are patterned in stripes and chunks in a very pleasing way. I 'stole' a rock from there to doily last year, it was the one photographed under the little waterfall. This year I spent an hour doilying two rocks, popping them back where I found them and then having a play photographing them in the water. 
More about the doily rocks at Mersey Bluff later....


  1. that would make a beautiful shop postcard Pen!

  2. Playfish cafe is open to meet the tired ferry commuters! Tiny tiny place, seriously awesome coffee! Do check it out next time. Corner of Forbes and Franklin, Devonport. Retro deluxe decor too!


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