Sunday, 6 September 2009

just couldn't help myself

I had plans for a bit of doily graffiti whilst I was away.
Then I got to Devonport and realised I'd left the bag of doilies sitting next to the back door at home. A quick scour of a few oppies and I had the materials I needed. Luckily I had remembered the needle and thread.
I had visions of moss covered tree trunks cloaked in white doilies but when the crunch come I found that very greenery off putting. How could I sully its such intense beauty with something so very man-made? I began to realise that so much of yarn graffiti is tied in with an urban environment. I may clothe a tree in lace in the city but its primary purpose is really to draw attention to the tree. Does that make sense? I don't need to 'beautify' something as amazing as the forests of Tasmania- they are already stunning. 

But maybe a rock from Mersey Bluff Beach in Devonport, carted up to Cradle Mountain, stitched in a doily and then popped under running water is different.

Or perhaps a magnolia tree in a Hobart park.


(I got sprung doing this one but it was by a trio of visiting artists so it was ok....)


  1. They look lovely, magnolias and doilies make sense! And the rock under the water... beautiful!

  2. Can't do nothing, even for a week... Lucky for us! pretty pretty...

  3. SO excellent. Happy Birthday too. I hope you had a grand adventure.


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