Thursday, 24 September 2009

spring rain

Took the quilt lengths off to be quilted this morning, did a bit of vacuuming, a smidge of cleaning and now getting ready to head off to teach for the afternoon. 

On the shop front, if you are interested, we've marked some winter clothing stock down about 20%, so come in and grab it while you can! Have you checked the weather forecast for the next few days? You definitely need a lovely wool jacket to get you through the last of this chilly weather and if you pack it away with some lavender bags you'll be all ready for when the cold comes back next autumn....... what do you think of my sales pitch?? And there is still a lovely range of colours in the angora fingerless gloves (sadly not on sale- sorry), perfect for when it's too hot for a coat but still chilly.
Whilst everyone else seems to complain about the weather we are have I have to say I'm all for it. Bring on the drenching rain. I always remember studying for exams and getting ready for end of year assessments with the rain bucketing down on the purple irises in the backyard. Being in Tasmania with its wet wet winter made me remember how lovely rain is and how much I miss it. Although I'm not a footy aficionado (and with the Grand Final coming up this Saturday) I have to say I hope those footballers will be scrabbling in the mud like in the olden days. To me Aussie Rules was always about seeing mud slathered men slipping about in the rain and being amazed that they didn't just tell their coach 'I'm not going out in that weather- I'm staying here where it's nice and warm' as they huddled under a check car rug and opened a thermos of steaming tea.

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