Sunday, 27 September 2009

crumpeting sunday

I've been intending to make a batch of crumpets for a while now and then this morning Ramona posed a question on-line as to how many crumpets were too many and I took it as a sign.
Today would be Crumpeting Sunday.
Crumpets aren't something you whip up in 15 minutes and a rainy lazy Sunday is a perfect day to do them. They are all yeasty and need to be left in a warm spot rise and then rise some more and according to my favourite crumpet recipe if you want to achieve lots of bubble holes in your crumpet you need to 'beat the mix vivaciously'. Seriously, not vigorously, 'vivaciously'.
My crumpet recipe is a work in progress, a few more changes and I think it will be just perfect.
Sadly the stunt crumpets used in the photographs died. A happy, honeyed death. Mmmmm.
The rest are cooling, getting ready to be frozen for easy future crumpet joy.
All I need now is an English country house, a couple of snoozing labradors, an afternoon tea-tray, a log fire full of glowing coals and a toasting fork.


  1. If you are in Australia do you put vegemite on your crumpets or just butter?

    I LOVE crumpets (I put marmite on mine).

  2. You make crumpets from scratch? You're my hero!


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