Thursday, 10 September 2009


Go away for a week and suddenly there is new stock in the shop!
Must have a break more often!
First up- the girls of handmadelife dropped some 'i make stuff ' books off...... and we only have one left! You better be quick in to get the last of these hot potatoes! (Although I am hoping the girls will be able to spare some more copies- hint hint.)

And then these beauties arrived in the mail yesterday ............ the Faux-taches are back- with a vengeance! We have the ever popular 'Barber' and 'Barman' and the new-new-new mini 'Cad', excellent size for pets and children. Check out Shauna and Stephen's Somethings Hiding in Here blog for some fabulous photos of the amazing uses these faux-taches can be put to...... heehee.

And finally just in from the Michael the Framer, a new selection of framed buttons and doilies. The lace doily really needs to be seen close up to be believed- it is needle made lace of a farmgirl with sickle and cornucopia. Brilliant. And the hilarious 'Romance' couple at the top are marvellous too!

Oh and did I let you know we have new tea cosies in as well? Well we do.

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