Tuesday, 22 September 2009

she who dies with the most fabric wins

This has been amended to 'she who inherits the stash wins'.

I've been a bit lacklustre of late and reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. I've had feelings of doom and gloom and then I realised it was just a bout of hayfever. Sneezing and all that but mainly just that feeling of NQR. I managed to get through winter without succumbing to the Great Lurgies of 2009 so I feel getting slugged with the body-lethargy of Spring allergies is a pay-off.
Most of Friday and Monday was taken up with patching together fabric for the new batch of Summer quilts. We have a lot on order so I thought I needed to get them happening. These quilts involve pulling out piles and piles of tablecloths and tea-towels and sewing and chopping and sewing until you reach the point of tying yourself in knots and tripping over a 20 metre length of fabric. Then it all needs to be laid out and rolled up. 
The state of the studio of course didn't help with the fabric wrangling. Today, though, Darling Dell came in and folded and stacked and piled and sorted all the fabric that had spewed onto the floor and over the table and tumbled out of boxes.
I should explain that the fabric on the shelves is just the tip of the iceberg. There is another set of shelves to the right, a storeroom to the left and behind is the whole of the rest of the studio.......... and boxes and boxes and rolls and rolls of fabric stacked and stashed. And then there is the boxes of buttons and braids and other fripperies. 


  1. and i thought i had fabric stash issues! It looks fabulously sorted!

  2. That's some stash : ) I would love an entire room full of fabrics!

  3. she who has dell to help fold and stack definitely wins. good job!

  4. I think I just died and went to Heaven...sigh...those shelves and fabric look amazing!


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