Wednesday, 9 September 2009

due to unprecedented demand

I've had a huge number of people over the last year asking if I had any afghan rugs for sale.
I've always said 'hmmmm maybe....'.

You see I have a rather large collection of them (it fluctuates depending on friends giving birth!) but I have been reluctant to sell them. ('The collector gene is strong in this one.') 
Really I have limited space between here and the studio and things are getting a little bit out of control of late!
I had hoped to get them instore before I went away but I just ran out of time and I also had to do some work to the box I wanted to display them in (the story of that box will be my next post!).
But I've finally managed to get it all sorted and they are sitting piled in the window. There are lots of sizes and styles. There are even two quite large ones made in fabulous browns, creams and oranges, they are same-same-but-different, if you know what I mean. There is also two that are lighter and lacier and would be lovely to wear as shawls, made from a mix of wool and mohair.
They are all labelled with the Unsung Queen of Craft swing tag.

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