Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the quilt cat

The patched and pieced lengths came back from the quilters today and I spent the day chopping and trimming and binding and finishing. Dell dropped in to finish her special quilts and I let her use the Beast (the walking foot binder, noisy and tough and the best machine I think I ever bought- just don't tell my other machines, they'll get jealous). Handling 15 meter lengths of quilted tablecloths and tea-towels can be exhausting.
Then it was home to spend most of the evening re-arranging the shop and hanging some of the new quilts. I had a little helper, much to the amusement of passersby. 
So we have Summer quilts ready, some made from vintage tablecloths as we have been doing for the last few years,  and new new new style quilts made from vintage linen glass cloths, embroidered bits-and-pieces and odds-and-sods of tablecloths and printed tea-towels. The new quilts are rather lovely, all stripey and wonderfully pretty. Rather like Jethro.


  1. where is the safety harness for Jethro?? Dear me, OHC will be on to you. Naughty mummy. very pretty quilt though...although I'm not sure I like him looking at the birds in that way.

  2. Take it from me those quilts are divine!
    Just made it back to Blighty from great little sojourn in Mel-Bun. Dazed and confused by near death long haul experience but well enough to admire new cushion purchase from your lovely self! Will be fearuring on my blog in coming days when I am more compus whatever it is!


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