Saturday, 3 October 2009

she did a bad bad thing

........ but at least it will grow back.
Decided at 9 o'clock last night to clipper my hair off.
Even when you are going from about 10cm down to about 2cm it can be a rude shock- and your ears feel naked!
The decision to clipper has been floating around for a while now. I haven't done it for YEARS.
And now, of course, I am a ton heavier, a squidillion years older and wrinklier but I really wanted to see how my developing grey hairs looked cropped. The next time I clipper will probably be when the full head is grey/white.
And the great thing (and the main reason) is I love the way it grows back as an even crown of curls. If you have curly hair you'll know what I mean. Drastic I know.
So here I am Mad Bertha to Asylum Bertha overnight.

And I forgot until I cut it all off that I have a widow's peak (must be the vampire in me).


  1. But how those eyelashes stand out!
    Sometimes I fantasise about going the clippers when my bouffant gets out of control, have never quite had the gumption to do so, uneven ears is my excuse. Kudos to you!

  2. I love it. Such a good head!

    I would like to see my hair grow out of a clipper cut, but I fear with my giant square head, it would be too drastic a move for pretty much everyone in my life including me.

  3. i love it, and with cheekbones and eyes like yours you know you'll be all killer no filler.
    cannot wait to see it in the flesh.
    so envious I cant do the same thing with the block of cheese i call my head!!!


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