Friday, 23 October 2009

a frog and a dog

Sorry for the lack of posting and thank you to all those who emailed me with get well messages. (And sorry if haven't replied to any emails!)
It's funny getting sick after everyone else!
I'm still a little croaky (frog) and a little husky (dog) and a little cough-y but not feeling quite so dizzy or weird.
I didn't get to go to the exhibition opening at Craft Vic last, I took to my couch instead- I hear it was BIG. Congrats to Emma and Gracia and Louise (and everyone else)!
This morning I raced out to Seddon to deliver Babka danishes and say good bye to Nikki and Anthony. They are off to New Zealand to live and I can't wait to see how living there influences their work. Exciting!!
Two days in the studio and I've spent most of it cutting stuff out and putting zips into things. I have to say yesterday and today are all a bit of a blur so maybe I'm not as over this bug as I thought I was. Hmmm. Thinking about this I now realise I've been very dazed. Curious.
Anyway the first batch of plastic coated zip purses are ready and will be in-store tomorrow. Dell has already stolen one, cheeky little monkey that she is!

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