Tuesday, 27 October 2009

cygnet ring

I picked up our new postcards this morning.
I found this tapestry on the Tasmania trip. It isn't going to end up on a Carol King pouffé I can assure you. It's framed and although the glass has a huge crack in it I'm not going to replace it- I like the crack.
The new pianola shades are in store, three sizes now- 12", 14" and 18". The new 18" is super cool and I like it a lot.
And I've made up a huge length of tea-towel bunting, perfect for the sunny weather we are having, string it up through the trees and along the veranda..... I would if I had a tree or a veranda......
I'm still sick and getting very bored with it all. The evenings are the worst time with coughing bouts and feeling all shakey. As I said, very boring, and I will stop moaning about being ill soon, I promise.


  1. I've been thinking about your bunting. I think it may be just the thing for the upstairs hall. Get better soon Pen xx Ramona


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