Wednesday, 28 October 2009

the boy and the bean

Jethro is a very strange cat.
He doesn't like human food, even Twisties, but loves brown rice and carrot and nibbling cat grass.
Perhaps he is a hippy vegetarian cat.
His favourite thing though is green beans. He's been known to hop up on the bench while I'm topping and tailing the beans and steal them out of my hand.
Last night I left a plastic bag of beans on the kitchen bench. We now have beans from one end of the building to the other. We have beans in the shop, in the laundry, in the kitchen, even in the bedroom. I caught him running around the shop last night with part of a bean hanging out of his mouth like a half smoked cigar. 


  1. I adore this lovely and endearing story of Jethro the cat. My last cat's favourite food was sweet corn on the cob - he LOVED it! Perhaps there are a whole lot of 'rogue' vegetable loving cats out there? *hehe*

  2. Ha ha ha, Jethro's made my day! Does he like cheese?

  3. I love the cigar image - very delightful! I had a cat who adored olives. He never got any (too salty for kitty kidneys), but he haunted me when I had any. One time, we did the reverse of the lion tamer: I'd just eaten olives and had suitably olive-y breath, I opened up my mouth and he tried to put his head in. I'm told the sight was spectacular. (Sadly no photos....)

    I've known other cats who have variously adored canteloupe melon, mustard, oatmeal, and banana peels.

  4. that's hilarious, pene! funny, funny little bean-loving cat. x


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