Tuesday, 20 October 2009

well, well, not so well

So I did stay home today. I thought, deep down, that I was just being lazy until I decided to walk down to the printers to organise our new postcards and only just managed to stumble home all shaky and sweaty. Plans to get work done at home didn't really happen and I have to say I'm not one for midday tv. I just did a bit of reading and sat in quiet for a while. Replied to a few emails and drank cups of tea. Watched Jethro chase flies. Now that was a laugh and I am sure he was hunting flies just to make me smile.
I've finally put the Chimney house shoes out on display. I'd been saving them to go with our spring and summer clothes but I have been so slow getting everything happening I decided they shouldn't sit in the cupboard anymore. They are lovely cotton lined leather slipper but the name 'house shoe' is so much more glamorous don't you think? They are going to go beautifully with the cotton voile garments............

And I think I may have forgotten to post about these beautiful linen chemises. They are French, they are old and they are all hand stitched. And they are in store. If you aren't up to wearing one (and they do look amazing on) then they would look stunning just hanging on a wall. I love them!

Think I might go lie down. Getting dizzy again.


  1. How divine!
    Not the shaky sweats you understand, but the slippers and chemise................

    Feel better soon, Sarah x

  2. Get better soon!!
    All the new things in your store look special. x


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