Monday, 12 October 2009


I seem to be spending a lot of money on stuff at the moment.
Spending money to make money.
I have run out of all sorts of stuff but after spending time this afternoon doing a bit of a clean and sort I can tell you that I have a ridiculous number of press studs and will never have to ever buy another one ever ever ever. This revelation came on top of buying a bag of the bloody things when I dropped into an op-shop on the way back from running errands this morning. 

I found all sorts of things that I wasn't looking for. A box full of vintage aprons. A scrap of bobbin lace that I made so long ago it must now be antique.

But most of the day, after the errands were done, was spent cutting out and making up new cushions. Lovely, lovely cushions made from vintage linen. My favourite piece is a raw linen printed with a background of brown and covered in beautiful pink peonies and roses and grey carnations. I love English upholstery linens, they are just so evocative. I know someone who would love this fabric too.

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