Monday, 5 October 2009

great gentle cat

Jethro turns one year old today.
Oh how the time has flown!
I dug out his adoption papers last night and they said  in the comments section 'great gentle cat'.

Things the papers didn't say......
* Jethro likes water and climbing the security grills and fly-wire.
* He plays fetch and will drag toys all over the house.
* His favourite toy currently is a fresh green bean closely followed by bouncy balls, kitten tickler, angora off-cuts, zip-lock bags of fleece.
* He is not a lap cat but likes to lie around on the floor (doglike).
* He really really likes to help and really really wants to know what you are doing.
* He's in charge of quality testing all stock.
* He will show off when a friend drops in.
* He likes to kiss.
* He doesn't use his claws when he plays but jeez his teeth are sharp and his jaws strong.
* His current fav snoozing spot is in a box under the sofa.
* If he is this big now how much bigger will he fill out to?
* He has the longest eyelashes.
* If he is lazying around in the shop and someone taps on the window to get his attention he will ignore them, he knows they are there he just won't turn around (it is very funny to watch a cat give the cold shoulder).
* Deep down he is a tree climbing hunter, loping through the snow in his lovely shaggy coat (he is sure he is a Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest Cat hybrid whose real name is Sven).

Whilst I was writing this Jethro was sitting on a kitchen chair watching me, tail wrapped around paws, sitting up straight and proper. He knows today is all about him- but then isn't everyday?


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