Monday, 19 October 2009

boring and annoying

I am officially sick.
Sweating fevers, hacking up globules, sneezing and blocked ears. 
A plain old common cold.
But I couldn't stay in bed today (although I probably should have) as I had to go up country to pick something up. In hindsight I can't remember much of the drive but don't worry I was totally together driving, just 'in the zone'. 
The rain has had a huge effect, everything was green with splashes of yellow of the canola fields and weedy daisies flowering in paddocks. 
I didn't have much energy and saw so many vistas that I could have stopped and photographed but just couldn't wrestle the energy up and just drove on. 
I'm thinking I might stay home tomorrow and potter around. I always feel guilty if I don't get to the studio on a 'studio day' but I have a lot of projects I could finish here and I think, in the long run, I should actually have a rest. Once all the school assessment is done in the next two weeks I will be head-down making, making, making and if I'm not 100% working in the studio is just plain frustrating rather than productive.


  1. Feel better Miss Pen Pen, sending you lashings of beef tea from blighty,

    Sarah x


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