Thursday, 8 October 2009

in my craft and sullen art

One of my favourite blogs is written by the girls at Prick Your Finger in London, a 'haberdashery' shop like no other! The lovely Elvis Robertson put me on to them.
Well the girls at PYF have been working on a mammoth project to create a poem in knitted squares- it's finished, it's amazing!
It took 1200+ knitted panels. A call went out a couple of months ago for individuals to knit a letter, the poem was secret, they were all tagged on the back with makers name and their favourite poem and then the PYF elves spent the last week sewing all together. You can see photos on their blog and follow the process. 
14 metres by 8 metres............ and you thought that lap rug you made last winter was impressive!

For other projects the PYF girls have been involved in go to their blog and also check out the Knitted Wedding

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