Saturday, 24 October 2009


I was trying to get some shots this morning of the new batch of re-wired vintage lampbases. They are really hard to photograph enticingly so I ended up playing feathers with the Fur-boy instead.
He is slightly easier to snap, although 9 times out of ten he's blurry because he wants to check out the camera and what you are doing. 
Anyway, just use your imagination. Picture Jethro as a lovely twisty wooden floor lamp with the shade of your choice. 
We are very low on pianola shades but we will have more (hopefully) very soon. In three sizes too! I know it's summer-ish and we have more daylight than darkness but you still need to turn a light on sometime and the pianolas are so nice and golden and soft to the eye. Anyway I'll let you know when they arrive.


  1. Oh my pie you are the best! I sort of looked and looked again......I am rather mesmerised by it! I love that little insider snippet, cheers Pen!

    How are the dreaded shakes and sniffs?

    Sarah x

    PS you should be asleep!

  2. Just to let you know I wore my new tea towel skirt last weekend in Byron Bay and Bangalow and no less
    than SEVEN people in one day wanted to know where it was from !
    I think you could have a branch of your shop up there.


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