Sunday, 6 September 2009

and then there was evandale

Sunday was set aside especially for Evandale.
Not far from Launceston, Evandale is a lovely Georgian village, beautiful buildings tight up against the road.
And the sweetest Sunday market ever.
Set around an old hall, people set up tables and sell stuff. Like Camberwell Market minus everything I hate about that place. And a tenth of its size. 
It was a quiet Sunday (everyone was commenting) but it was an absolutely glorious sunny morning and how exciting when the couple walking in the gate ahead of you is Adrian from The Collectors and his wife. But that's Tasmania for you. (The woman who took my order for a cuppa in the hall was the woman who served me at the bookshop in Launceston on Monday morning.)
I so wanted to buy a whole tray of crocuses, so very beautiful in the early sun, vibrantly purple.

Still being half asleep I decided I really wanted the ceramic koalas-on-a-tree-trunk too late but I shouldn't complain, I had to make a couple of trips to the car as the morning progressed.

Ah, Evandale Market, this morning as I lay in bed, I longed to be tootling off to sample your wares!

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