Sunday, 6 September 2009

how about hobart?

You have to love a 'city' that has its CWA shop smack bang in the middle of town.
Well the address maybe North Hobart but that just means it's 20 metres up the road from Hobart central. 
Chock full of handknits and jams and preserves and eggs and -BEST OF ALL- cakes made fresh every day and delivered by members in the morning.
Hence the photo of the slightly squashed, and about to be scoffed, jelly cakes! Light as a feather and filled with fresh cream. Dreams are made of this.


You also have to love a place that has its 'tip shop' really in the midst of town!
Thanks to Jo, ex-Hobartian who I work with at RMIT,  for putting me on to this. "Collectables' is the recycling arm of the Hobart tip and they have a shop in town that is a hodge-podge of their more 'collectable' donations. Let's say there was a slight breathlessness and bingeing here. Things every girl needs.... a set of antlers, a map of Great Britain, a leather satchel, the cutest miniature of a wooden 50s sideboard, an annual, an old handmade metal tin (label says 'olde worlde tinne'- you gotta love a sense of humour like that!)......... and some other stuff.
The down side to the whole 'Collectables' experience was that I had picked up a flyer about them when I was at the shop and didn't read it until I got to Strahan the next day...... to discover they have another store at the actual tip in South Hobart. I was retching in frustration and nearly jumped back in the car to hot-foot it back to Hobart. 


  1. When i went to hobart i stopped into this shop and got the best nut loaf i've ever had, plus some chutney. I was very tempted by their beanies as well! Such a cute shop!

  2. oh i die for the antlers!!! (this is actually felicity but signed in on michael's account - sorry)

  3. oohh ... absolutely must break out from comment shyness for this one - I squealed wtih delight at landing this prize buy tea cosy at the CWA shop, just last month.

    How endearing is it that all makers are known only by their number? I thank #163 with every pour I make.

    Hobart is truly magical in winter.

  4. NOMNOMNOM too! And antlers! One day. When I was coming back from tassie on the spirit, the van in front of us was FULL OF ANTLERS. Where did they get them all? x


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