Monday, 6 September 2010


I'm really not going to do a day by day 'What I did on my holidays' series of posts- I promise.
After spending the morning doilying and op shopping I headed into Launceston to meet up with Jen and Pete and Ben who just happened to be in town presenting at the Regional Arts Conference. I steer away from these things if I can possibly help it normally...... but being in a town of about 100,000 people a festival like this is kind of nice. 
And of course Yarnbombing was the theme around town. Which lead to discussions about it being a warm and fuzzy community friendly (and slightly easy) option for festivals to do at the moment.

The Town Hall columns looked fabulous though, covered in afghan blankets. Really hard to get a good picture though, angles and all that.

Sonja Hindrum created 'Pleiades (Seven Sisters)' from felt balls strung through a big tree near the Town Hall. Best seen at sunset, I think, when the balls seem to float against a moonstone sky.

And then there was Ross Beyers' 'Kinetic Cart'.
Laser cut from plywood the whole things moves and turns as it was drawn around the forecourt, topped with a cardboard tea pot in a giant tea cosy.

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