Tuesday, 21 September 2010

pretty indigo

I woke to the alarm in a total state of confusion this morning- where am I? who am I? what am I doing?- once I sorted all that out I decided to have a half hour sleep in. My routine (what there is of it) is all out of whack at the moment, with extra days in the shop and 'homework' days at the studio, all topsy and messy. 
Yesterday I managed to finalise a new dress design and get the pattern all graded and ready to go. I'm shopgirl again today which is tearing me up as I would really like to get this new dress finished and in store (the size 2 is on the rack in the shop if you are interested). I love the fabric, Japanese wrapping cloth, and there is only going to be a few, hopefully four if I am careful with my cutting. It's an easy summer frock and I will be doing short runs of it in other fabrics, you know the deal, depends what I dig out of the stash or find scavenging!
Well it's time to get ready to open the doors, I've vacuumed and mopped, just need to get a pile of things together to keep my hands busy for the next 7 hours. 

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  1. I shoule have read this before I popped in
    really only four
    now i have to blow the budget and get one of these before they all disappear
    possibly the best dress


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