Sunday, 5 September 2010

i'm b-a-c-k!

You probably hadn't even noticed I was away.......

I feel like I have spent the last month on the road. Sydney return, a week at home, then back in the car and off to.... well I'm sure you can guess from the photo above! A seriously nice bit of recycle craft there- and I should have got a photo of their garden 'glasshouse' shed made from old bottles too. 

Yes-  a Tasmanian Idyll!

Jethro is both happy to see me home and annoyed beyond belief that I left him behind- I know I am going to pay big time for my absence.

I only arrived back this morning so there is a lot of sorting and washing, and cataloging of photos and stories to work through. Have patience! And I've come back to a busy week of work and shop business coming up too. I really don't think I'm good at 'holidaying'.......


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