Saturday, 11 September 2010

classic black

I've wanted a sewing machine at home for a long while. I've found a few at op shops but they have always been a little annoying in some way and I've either give them away or sent them back-from-whence-they-came. It's all been a bit silly as I have had a machine kicking around for years, it just needed to go off to the sewing machine hospital and I never seem to get around to it.
Nick, my sewing machine doctor, had said years ago this model is brilliant, sews silk beautifully and was worth servicing. So I dropped it in before I went to Sydney and finally had a moment to pick it up the other day. 
Beautiful little machine.
This Singer Sewing Machine has been in my life forever. It was a wedding present to mum in 1952. When I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper I can remember peeking over the edge of the table and marveling at its engraved end panel and the trailing gold flowers. It's the Singer Sewing Machine Company Centennial model 1851-1951 with a knee lever and a domed wooden case. Nick has fitted it with a new motor, a foot pedal, he's serviced it and popped in a new globe, he even chucked in needles and bobbins. It only does one thing, straight stitch, and only in one direction, no reverse. You see the less a machine does the better it is, the more fancy pants a machine is often the poorer its straight stitch will be.

I am so happy this little beauty has been brought back to life.

And it sews like a dream.

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