Monday, 14 December 2009

jacaranda and agapanthus

I got to have a wander into the city today, run some errands, visit mum in hospital, pick up stuff I needed, have a lie down for a little while and get a few things made.
I am still bone weary though. I'll probably won't even get to make a dint in that until after Xmas. But I have started building the stack of books for the post-Xmas read.
You may remember the stories of 'Jethro and the Bean' and I may have forgotten to tell you of 'Jethro and the Cucumber' (same as the bean story just a bit wetter when you stand on it). You can now add 'Jethro, the Red Chilli and the Green Chilli'. I went downstairs to put out some new stock tonight to find the fur-boy had stolen the two chillis that had been on the kitchen bench and had been playing with them in the shop. I am totally dumb-founded! A serious hot little red chilli and bigger milder green one with the end chewed off. He really is a very strange cat.


  1. crazy feline...
    living la vida loca
    funnily enought the word verification is cativeri
    which might be the name of the condition which explains an obsession with vegetable, water and chilli exploration by cats...

  2. My fantasy one day is to have an agapanthus coloured house - purplish weatherboard with green and white trim!


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