Monday, 21 December 2009

staff dinner

Tonight was the Cottage staff dinner.
I think the Cutler & Co violet crumble desert may have taken the cake. 
Really mind and taste bud blowing. 
Violet infused ice-cream, chocolate ganache, an almond thingy, cherry puree, strange 'dust', clove meringue....... and this just doesn't do it justice. I am still tasting the violets....... mmmmmm. OMG.
And I thought their chocolate ice-cream sandwich with salty caramel was good.
I think Dell was in roast lamb heaven and Anna was stuck on the horseradish 'snow'.


  1. oh lord please stop, there's dribble on my keyboard.

  2. So lovely miss pene, I was trying to describe it today... MMMMMMMMMMM

  3. yay to staff dinners! we went to bistro vue this year, as i thought cutler and co would be booked to the hilt - cannot wait to try it out....and yes, i think i would be in lamb heav'n too.
    hope you've had a wonderful cmas, pene. saw you down brunswick st, but you looked like a woman on a mission, so didn't want to disturb you!!
    all the best for 2010. x


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