Thursday, 17 December 2009

add nausea

I've been passed out in bed for the last 12 hours. I don't know whether it was yesterday's heat (although the studio wasn't too bad so I don't think that can be blamed) or a nasty little bug but I've been feeling quite shocking since last night. I hate that feeling of 'not now I've got  things to do!'. Perhaps it's just slightly stressed induced as we are still waiting for Xmas to arrive around here. I'm feeling like I have done something wrong and am taking it all personally- that's the bug talking, all shaky and pathetic. Jethro was passed out on the bed too but he was just trying for a bit of the fan breeze.
Yesterday was turned over to getting a new batch of tea-towel skirts ready and there are some lovely tea-towels in this run. We've had lots of people requesting then lately and I think they would be funny to wear on Xmas Day...... 'let me do the dishes......'. Hee hee.
We've also got in store the new Cottage Industry 'bit and pieces' range of stocking fillers. As the label says 'made from vintage bits and pieces in the back streets of Fitzroy'. There are brooches made from cross-stitch tablecloths and beautiful sequined motifs from the late 50s/early 60s (once these are gone that's it, I've been carrying these around for a long time waiting to use them) and earrings made from the vintage button stash. 

And finally I've managed to pick up the cords I had made. These let you create a lamp out of one of our shades (or one of your own). When I got the first batch of pianola shades I had one upstairs on the cupboard trying it out with one of the display leads we use in the shop and I thought they looked great just sitting on a table or bench or stool without an actual lampbase. So finally they are done. They are made of the same bound flex  and brass fittings we use when our vintage bases are re-wired, with an on/off switch. You could also loop them up so they are hanging. All up to your imagination and decorating skills! You could even do a version of the Mason jar light we have hanging in the front window at the moment.

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  1. Oh wow the designs are beautiful - I especially like the cords for lamps, might have to drop by!!


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