Friday, 4 December 2009

compare the pair

I know you are all sick to death of Jethro photos and roll your eyes when you log on but he is a big part of this home/shop. He has friends who drop in. People spend time talking to him through the window. The Gertrude Street Irregulars love him.
And today is a year since he was adopted.

From this to this.
There is no way he would fit in that tin now.
He is still wearing the same collar though.

Here he is channelling his inner geography teacher.

So there are new tea-towel cushions, tea-towel shoppers, wheat 'hot water bottle' bags and lavender bags, all made in the last few days. Tea-towel skirts are half done, owlettes are ready to be stuffed (if I had remembered to bring the stuffing home)and I have new 'stuff' that I need to make cards for before I put them in store. And I need to print flyers for the sale. And prep some clocks. And finish more bracelets. Perhaps I won't go to bed tonight.


  1. Oh he's absolutely adorable in BOTH photos!! You make me miss having a cat about the place...

  2. He's lovely in both photos, very handsome grown-up too!

  3. hehe jethro is adorable. never sick of the pics! i think he'd make a great geography teacher from the looks of that pic! he looks like he's staring at the kid in the back who wont sit still or pay attention :)


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