Thursday, 10 December 2009


At Day Four of the Great Clean and Sort I am devoid of an energy and am definitely having a 'will anyone come to the sale?' and 'will they like what we have to sell?'. I think it is just the bone-wearies talking. I have less 'product' but lots of 'stuff'- and there is some gold in amongst it all I think.
I am sitting here watching the sky glow over the city, a moonstone luminance, with the rain coming. I got soaked running out this afternoon to get rubber bands and Dell turned up at the studio soaked. Lovely lovely rain.
Dell dropped me off a treat, which I have just opened (after struggling to fix the laundry sliding door which is now totally rooted and I will fix next week when I have the energy). 

Oh my god! 
A nutty shortbready rolly-thingy, a doughnut and the most amazing jellies I have ever had! 
From the D.Chirico pop-up shop in Crossley Street.

So my day ended up going from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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