Wednesday, 2 December 2009

map and stuff

I picked up the map from the framers. The British Isles. Michael's done a beautiful job as always, simple blackwood frame and it's big and really quite super.
I've also got Africa and Europe but I think it will be a while until I can afford to get them done.
Unless someone especially wants to buy them and then I'll get a quote in and start the ball rolling.....
I had a little helper, as happens every time the ladder comes out, he just can't help himself. I had to move him down to the little shelf on the back of the ladder as he wouldn't get down and really wanted to be in on the action.
Today wasn't as hugely productive as I would have liked but I had a morning of errands and the when back in the studio I had to finish a project that is going off to Milly Sleeping- see below.
I'll let you know all about this soon. 


  1. that furry boy of yours is such a poser... (like mine)... they must know how cute they are.

  2. the map (and jethro) are beautiful... I can see why the budget was blown on them, SOOOOO envious!

  3. getting in touch with his inner geography teacher


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