Thursday, 31 December 2009

the wailing wall

Let's just say the Donkey Grey was neither donkey nor grey. It's more the colour of Plaster of Paris and in reality nowhere near the colour of the upstairs render. Hmmmm. The walls out the back also catch the light in strange ways and no colour I have tried out there looks quite right, so there was a bit of a temper tantrum yesterday and plans to have the paint re-tinted but this morning I got up, looked at the colour and thought 'oh well'. It's not right but then it isn't wrong either. Cover it in a bit of Boston Ivy and Jasminum Azoricum and I'll never notice.

It's been blisteringly hot today and I've been laid low with a bung hip, so I'm feeling a bit shattered today. That will teach me to do too much in the Xmas lull. The hip has decided to play up due to a bit too much spinning and there I was feeling good that I was getting a yarn stockpile started. Oh well.

So tonight I am lying very low, keeping cool and quiet. I can sort of see the fireworks and their reflections in the glass of the city from my front window upstairs so that is where I think I'll stay. I'm half way through making some Marscapone Ice Cream (chilling sugar syrup in the freezer at the moment) and I have some berries to nibble so I'm set. I always find NYE a bit stressful so a bit of quiet reflection, a bit of looking forward and perhaps reading this by the School of Life is in order I think. 
And I have a date with Shaun Micallef, as he celebrates the New Year in his own surrealist way, and a bit of texting. 
How boring am I??
Bring on the thunderstorms and rain I say. The old year needs to be washed away.

Happy New Year to all you out there! 
I hope you have a lovely evening, celebrated however you like and hope 2010 brings good and happy things for all! 

pen and jethro 


  1. Have a brilliant 2010, Pen and Jethro. Hope that the new year brings you much happiness and joy! I think that the donkey grey may look better with some age.

  2. the burro wall, as you say, will be fine once a bit of greenery graces it... marscapone ice-cream and berries with a side order of micallef sounds like a completely delicious way to bring in the new year... and thunderstorms to wash away the horror of 09 is a metaphor too good to ignore, as always loving your work.
    hope the hip starts feeling better ASAP and you get a good night's sleep sans mosquito bombings!
    see you in the new year!!!


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