Sunday, 13 December 2009

something to amuse

I thought this might amuse you all. 
One of the 'work stations' at home is the couch. At the moment there is a tiny section for sitting on with work in progress piled at one end and all along the arms and back. The extra big ottoman is laden with tins and boxes and tools.
Really my whole house is pretty much like this and it probably explains 5 days of cleaning at the studio too. 
The conundrum is do I live alone because of this or is this because I live alone...........
Or just that I am really, really busy......... 
Which is the answer to both the mess and the alone bits!


  1. You aren't the only one, my couch is functioning as a workstation and is covered in bits and pieces too. Luckily, there are two couches, one of which is kept free of stuff, so my flatmate can sit!

  2. busy busy busy, always making things, clearly the devil will never find work for your hands.

  3. Yes yes and yes to couch crafting, the arm of my side of the couch is covered in embroidery and crochet bits, and often stamp sorting as well. The only problem is that a certain small boy likes to sit there too, so I often have to look down between the cushions for crochet hooks, stamps etc. Drives Sam mad but he'll have to put up with it!


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