Wednesday, 9 December 2009

it looks worse than it really is

Day Three of the Great Clean up of 2009 started with me sitting tiredly in the car outside the studio. I was dreading another day of dust and piles of crap but slowly it is getting there. This picture may not look it but order of some sort is rising out of the chaos. I'm probably seeing more of the floor than I have seen since the last sale! 
I even decided I needed to move the sewing machines around- which is why this picture looks like a schmozzle. I'm not sure they are in their optimum configuration but I'll see how it goes (and maybe change it back to the way it was!). 
I really feel a need to start back making things so tomorrow I might use part of the day cutting fabrics up, that I found in the sorting, as a means of cleaning- does this make sense? I have piles of calico and ticking off-cuts that need to be chopped into required shapes so instead of packing them away in a box I'll scissor them up and lay them in their correct production trays all ready to go. It's also is a means to clearing the cutting table! 
Whilst this clean up is totally necessary and should have been done months ago, I feel like I'm eating in to my time for making and creating. Where are the studio elves when you need them? They are meant to finish the work you fell asleep over, the orders you didn't have the heart to turn down (clothes for the orphans, etc)............. Damn those elves! Ever since they were unionised it's never been the same.

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  1. Oh the shoemaker and the elves!
    The tailor of gloucester!
    Both great sewing/elvish stories.


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