Tuesday, 29 December 2009

swatch it

The laundry door is now working once again.
The sink tap has stopped dripping (for now).
The kitchen benches have been made ready for a coat of oil.
And a colour has been chosen for the 'backyard' walls. Although I may change my mind of course because I haven't really chosen, just kind of made a stab at it. I really want Indian pink, the pink you see oxidised on the walls in Delhi and Jaipur but the swatches never look right and with the narrowness of the 'backyard' a long pink passage may not be the way to go.....
So 'Donkey Grey' it is. 
It's the same shade as the rendering on the walls if you hang out the upstairs window and it looks great with the old bricks. Then I need to work out a way to do the splash back in the kitchen and the decking that will even up the concrete in the outside area. All the jobs that I planned to do a year ago.
Sometimes I wonder if being handy is all too hard, I've decided it's a sure way to stay single.... I know a lot of women who like to appear helpless to make the men in their lives feel wanted! Every boyfriend in my past life would squirm when they saw me come out with the tool kit, their hands would twitch, their jaws clench and they would come close to exploding to see me more than capable of finishing a job- often better than they could do! Really being handy-capable is simply solving a problem and getting it done and I would much rather that than sitting around helpless. 
Every girl should have a toolkit. There's a motto for 2010!


  1. I wanna know how you decided between rubble and donkey? You sound so industrious! Are they Porters swatches? Fancy!

  2. I fix stuff too - thankfully my husband is happy enough with himself not to feel emasculated by it.

    I like the pink - porters have that lovely outdoor paint that ages really nicely and goes all milky - it's just got a little more omph than the donkey grey (which is lovely but not omphy)


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