Sunday, 6 December 2009

sunday in the park with amory

What a beautiful day it was today. Sunny and blue sky and a cooling breeze. My type of weather. And I got to go to the park with Amory (his dad and mum came along too, just to carry the rug and the grapes and the cake) and we sat on green grass under sparkly green leaves. It's amazing what a bit of rain will do.
After I closed the shop yesterday I lay on my bed and finished off the book I'd been reading, an hour and a half later I woke disorientated from a nanna nap. Today was a bit like that too. Fresh air at the park and an afternoon nap. I think I am trying to stockpile some energy for what is looking like a big week. I have a lot of prep to do for the studio and sale, cleaning and sorting and pricing. And there is a family issue looming over my head this week, it is a worry but as it is out of my control I am just having to get on with everything else in life.
Amory and Jethro had a lovely little exchange this afternoon. J is a very child friendly kitty and he and Amory were spied by people passing the shop, lolling on the pouffĂ© in the window. There was patting and giggling and a bit of drooling with excitement (Amory not Jethro). Two little girls in pink dresses laughing at the pussy and the baby and a lovely little ranga boy who came back to kiss Amory goodbye through the window. I'm thinking of making these two to sit in the window everyday and lure people in with their cuteness. 
I'm not totally sure Xmas has really started for us and get butterflies that no one will come into the shop to buy. Then I get all scared no one will come to the sale. Having a shop is like having perpetual party jitters, I know- ridiculous! And I am always so shocked by people's compliments on how lovely the shop is. Yesterday a couple came in who said they always walk their dogs passed when we are closed and they were so excited about everything that I was both chuffed and embarrassed. I'm feeling so disorganised and behind with everything that I am finding it difficult to feel positive. Perhaps it is just the lead up to Xmas and the pressure that this is the big time of our retail year.
But what a lovely day it was today.

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