Sunday, 20 December 2009

ginger hearted

How Jethro knows it is Sunday I will never know.
He slept in (after an exhausting night chasing moths and waiting for a mouse to appear around the water heater) whilst I got up early to get some baking done and get ready to open the shop for Sunday Xmas trading.
I've managed to get half the first batch of gingerbread baked in preparation for some friends dropping by the shop today. Back in the old days on Brunswick Street when I had, what seems in hindsight, a huge kitchen with the big old wooden table, I got to cook and work at the same time, I've always been a good multi-tasker. So these days people don't get the 5 jams and piles of biscuits they used to, my kitchen is just too small. 
Mind you between now and Xmas Eve I know that I will probably end up making at least three batches of these favourites. It's my own recipe and is laden with brown sugar, honey, treacle, golden syrup and fresh ginger. I've seen kids scoff whole bags of these and every Xmas I give Dad a couple of extra large sacks of them and it is guaranteed that he'll be found at some stage of the day munching his way through them. 
Well it's almost time to put my retailer face on and lock Jethro up. 


  1. You gingerbread sounds divine!

    Hope you have had a brilliant day in your beautiful shop,

    Sarah x

  2. Wow, your own gingerbread recipe. Mmm. Would fit in quite well with all the snow around here!

  3. as a humble and very lucky recipient of said cookies,let me testify, Penelope's gigngerbread reigns supreme!!!
    I've never tasted better, so the fact that it's her own special secret squirrel recipe doesn't surprise me one bit!

  4. Is there any possibility of sharing the recipe?


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