Tuesday, 22 December 2009

a total prat (fall)

I finished the last bit of studio work early this afternoon, turned the fridge off to de-frost, chucked the milk out, forgot to wash the mugs and came home/shop. I still have bits and pieces to finish but we are pretty much down to the wire now, the last two days before Xmas.
Cleaning up and a bit of baking are now on the agenda around the house, and working in the shop.
Tonight was garbage eve and I managed to stand on a piece of wood with inch long staples sticking out of it, straight into the ball of my big toe. The same big toe that got wrenched yesterday when I slipped on a wet patch at the Fitzroy Coles supermarket. Slipping and sliding across the floor I managed to twist my left ankle, strain my toe, send the basket of lightbulbs I was carrying flying and knock down a biscuit display trying to grab something to stay upright. Quite funny in hindsight. Actually quite funny at the time. 
I'm not sure that I am a total klutz but I seem to prat fall on a regular basis! And when I do it I tend to do it extremely well as evidenced by my list of broken bones! Of course it's often from being over tired, preoccupied, stressed. So I am looking forward to a week of rest, reading and afternoon naps. Bliss.

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  1. So about those delicious baker goods. I ate a few in the shop, and one when we got home and I had left an almond ball thingy and a macaroon in the box for later treats. First night home we discovered an empty box on the floor and a guilty looking french bulldog who had found them and eaten them all. TROUBLE.

    Luckily no side effects...


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