Thursday, 24 December 2009

rain on hot concrete and mangos

They were the smells of the morning.

As tradition dictates I went off to the Vic Market for the Xmas Eve shop. I get up really early and never really buy anything that would make a complete meal. Except for the cherries- they are a meal in themselves. Huge, almost black, meaty cherries. It's the summer fruits that make a southern hemisphere Xmas. There were boxes and boxes of Bowen mangos and trays of (sadly unripe) peaches. And berries. And the heat and the orchardy smells were intoxicating. I could barely speak and I wandered in a humid haze.

Now I'm home with the paper and a cuppa and I get to sit up in bed for an hour or so before I open up the shop for the day. 
10am until 5pm (or so) today if you are in the 'hood.

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  1. I've got to get up there and get me a bratwurst! Mmmmm!


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