Friday, 18 December 2009

auction action

Lovely Leah from Milly Sleeping has organised an Xmas auction.
She had this great idea about taking a few old pieces, those forlorn 'last ofs', and handing them out to a few maker/designers to turn them into something else/re-gig them/have a play. I was asked (that's my piggy back purse above), Elle Mücke, S!x, MaterialbyProduct, Maiike and Milly Sleeping (whose hat appears below- I love it!).
So what you do is go here or drop into the shop to check the pieces out and then place a bid.
At the end (if you've won) you get the warm-and-fuzzies of donating to charity and getting to take something home with you. 
Nice huh?
Milly likes to spread the cheer.

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