Sunday, 13 December 2009


A sleep in until 12.45pm, cups of tea and a book in bed, a crawl to the milkbar for newspapers, a walk, a bit of book shopping and back for an intense relationship with a packet of Rosedale's Ginger Kisses.

(This label had me in fits.)

The rumble is done and dusted. Thanks to everyone who came!
I think it has all caught up with me. I woke up guesstimating it was 11am but I must have really needed downtime. I'm going to hold off going to the studio tomorrow, I have to visit mum in hospital, run some errands in the city and get some homework done (all those little things we sell that I do at home rather than at the studio). 
I have been really shocked by the number of shops having pre-Xmas sales. Sales have been down this year but these seem to reek of desperation. If Xmas is going to be on the quiet side then I need to not take it personally! Ah- the joys of retail!
On a retail note the Cottage will be open from this Tuesday everyday right through to Xmas eve. I'll post our times etc as the week progresses and some feature present ideas. After I've had a bit of TV and another nap or three.

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  1. Hmm, Welsh blanket, I could smash and grab?

    Tee hee, S-J x


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