Saturday, 15 September 2012

upping the dates

Sadly the ric rac skirts aren't going to make it into the shop today. I worked really hard and all the skirts are sewn up but it got so late that the thought of attaching the waistbands seemed overwhelming. A job for first thing Monday morning I decided. Do them all in one hit fresh at the start of the week (haha).

Royal Show update. 
Totally stuffed a batch of sponges last night, I used a different brand of organic free-range eggs, slightly smaller and one that when I have used it in the past I've noticed has a really rank smell in a plain egg based cake like a sponge. I've been out this morning to get the type I used the other day for my glorious passionfruit sponge. Fingers crossed as I am now a bit behind on my baking schedule. All I want from this batch is for it to rise to about 4cm so I can use it for the lamingtons. Tonight will be the plain sandwich and the ginger fluff.
I've made up the truffles. I should have put more salt in the mix to counteract the 70% bitterness and the taste of the raw leatherwood honey isn't really there but I've sneakily mixed some Maldon sea salt in with the hugely expensive Valrhona cocoa and it seems to have done the trick. Lush. Fingers crossed here too.
On the preserves front the jellies seem to have set, which is a relief, and, as sad as I am about not being able to submit my beautiful cumquat shred I am happy with the chunky cut blood orange marmalade.
I'll have to be up bright eyed in the morning to load the car. Dell and Drew are delivering here today for me to drop their creations off too. Can't wait to see their hard work!

And so to Cottage news.
Well no ric rac skirts yet but Ann, Crochet Queen, has sent down a packet of goodies and there are new tea cosies. More 'cottage garden' but also her fabulous 'strawberry' cosies and some 'black rose' ones as well. She's also been busy on some rugs and the first one to arrive is a vision in pinky purple-y creamy tones.
Hmmm, what else? We've had a pile of new Welsh blankets arrive this week but I haven't had a chance to start work on them, we do have some new cushions though that were made for the commercial fit out in Sydney that didn't fit into the colour scheme.  The Welsh invasion continues.
I have a lot I need to do in the coming weeks and months.
Jethro is running about like a loon. I won't let him watch this because I know what he would convince me to make for him. Go on, take 5 minutes out to watch it, it's really cute, a guy and his best mate cat is always heartwarming (and Billy is local which is really nice too).
OK. I better dash. The sponges are about ready to come out and a have a shop to clean and re-arrange before opening bell.
And by the way  I'll post pictures of the tea cosies on our facebook page a bit later. Please be-friend us, I'm feeling a bit sad about our stats, pathetic huh?

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