Thursday, 6 September 2012

freesias and blue eggs

Jethro has kept me under close supervision since I got back and was very grouchy when the alarm sounded this morning. I can understand that, returns from holidays should happen with a few extra days at the end where washing and bag unpacking can happen and you can settle back into the swing of things. Being thrown in at the deep end yesterday was not much fun at all. I am still a bit grumpy today for feeling like 10 days of peace got shattered in under 12 hours (actually 3 is more like it).
Hilariously I've also come back to Gertrude Street having one of its 'dero out of control' phases, funny because of this load of twaddle that was published last Friday. Yesterday we had addicts stumbling about the street carrying needles, drunks trying to belt the crap out of each other, trams stopped due to people trying to kick their mates off the vehicle (and I mean 'kick' as in one party kicking the other in the chest whilst standing on the top step), bottles of alcohol thrown..... the warm weather and crazy wind always brings them out. Rather like the first swallow (of beer) of Summer. Welcome to Gertrude Street! Hahaha!

A far cry from old fashioned freesias and 'easter egger' bantam eggs from the Hobart CWA shop, yes those eggs really are blue and very very beautiful and those freesias were superb.

Anyway I better get moving as I have to be shopgirl today. This wind has blown all manner of detritus under the door and I still have boxes of stuff to find a home for. All the new Summer Slade cardis are in, the missing box arrived late yesterday along with a new shipment of fabulous wooden bobbins- I'm thinking of changing the shop name to 'Bobbin Industry'. We have a few 12" rope bobbins, absolutely stunning, and some metal bound ones in various sizes. 
OK, gotta go sweep.
Come visit if you are in the 'hood!

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  1. I disliked that Gertrude Street piece - I hate it when The Age "discovers" an area
    ( about 10 years after everyone else has).

    I lived in Elwood before it was gentrified and then Brunswick when NO-ONE thought it was hip.

    Remember visiting a friend who had a film production office in Gert. St. about 20 years ago... people thought he would be killed at work every day. How times change - or not?

    And to me 3 million often crappily run cafes and resturants is not a good thing, as then your local everyday shops are often forced out.


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